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Flying-off, a School-government Cooperation Project of the School of Film and Animation, Successfully Selected as the Innovative Case of Ideological Publicity Work of Sichuan Provincial Publicity Department of CPC
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Recently, the original MV project Flying-off, which was jointly created by the School of Film and Animation of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, Chengdu University and with the official operation of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport as the background, was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Publicity Department of CPC, which incorporated this achievement into the Annual Work Report of the Provincial Publicity Department as an innovative case of ideological publicity work.

In the co-creation project of the original MV Flying-off based on "film+animation+rap" launched in May 2021, the School of Film and Animation acted as the role of creator in a wide range of links including planning, directing, video shooting and clipping, animation image design, animation production, songwriting, music production and singing performance, with integrating the diversified forces including Film and Television Production Center, Animation Joint Studio, Alumni Music Studio and outstanding students of Chengdu University. In view of the fact that this work was a cultural product that combined multiple forms of expression such as rap, animation, video shooting and clipping, and featured elements such as dialects and humanities, the related production required participants to master basic knowledge in a wide range of fields and possess high professional competences. On the premise of fully considering the media effect and the feasibility of implementation, this work gave full play to the technical advantages of the school in the aspects of film and television animation production and music arrangement, thus expanding the aesthetics and professionalism of the work.

Since 2019, the School of Film and Animation has signed a Joint Professional Development Agreement with, laying a good foundation for cooperation in the creation of a series of short videos with themes such as the anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the rural vitalization, the Centenary of the Communist Party of China, the preservation of intangible cultural heritages and so on. This MV creation represented a brand-new attempt in the planning, form and dissemination of publicity and reports on the basis of cooperation between news media and college. Given that the media content production of school-enterprise cooperation was the long-term orientation of professional and discipline development, it was necessary for the College to carry out continuous relevant research and innovation in the near future, with a view to establishing more diversified cooperation models in aspects such as online H5 and offline activities. On the other hand, the establishment of an internship base by both schools and enterprises was not only beneficial for teachers and students in school to constantly learn and develop ideas in the process of industry experience, but also beneficial for them to proactively change their positions while improving themselves, so as to effectively carry out discussions related to media integration theory and innovation and further transform them into talent cultivation experience.

By virtue of conscientiously studying the Work Report of the Sichuan Provincial Publicity Department of CPC, the School of Film and Animation gained both honors and greater inspiration: only by giving full play to the advantages of all parties, scientifically utilizing the communication effect and maximizing the use of resources could industry-university cooperation improve social and economic benefits; the integration of production and education was the basic means to promote the school-enterprise collaborative education and the main method to realize the combination of the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutions, as well as an important way to improve the quality of talent cultivation; in the interest of deepening the integration of production and education and promoting collaborative education, it was strongly recommended to seek substantive breakthroughs from numerous aspects, including structural adjustment, promotion of upgrading, mechanism innovation, breaking of barriers, etc., so as to veritably improve the quality of higher education, thereby effectively promoting and leading the integrative development of new engineering, medicine, agriculture and liberal arts. Simply put, relying on the talent cultivation system based on "value creation, knowledge cultivation and practical capability", the School of Film and Animation will be committed to integrating the concept and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship into the actual talent cultivation process through the cooperation between industry and education and curriculum ideological and political education, so as to achieve the teaching effect of integrating telling the "Good Story of Chengdu" and doing a good job of "Fostering Virtue through Education".