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Meeting for 2021 Work Deployment of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts
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At 2:30 pm on March 16, the meeting for 2021 work deployment of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts was held in the multifunctional hall of Building D of the complex building. All staff of the College attended the meeting and President Yu Junjian and Executive Vice President Wang Xiaojun delivered speeches.

At the meeting, President Yu Junjian awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to ten teachers winning the title of 2020 "Outstanding Individual of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts" and also awarded bonuses to the leadership team of the School of Film and Animation.

President Yu congratulated the teachers on winning the honorary title, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all staff working hard in the positions of teaching, scientific research, and administrative management. He also stated that: "In the past year, the College had scored great achievements and progress in many fields including discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training, and social influence, which were inseparable from the joint contribution of the leadership teams and teachers of all units of the College. The College will relocate to a new campus as a whole. Thus, I hope all units can seize the opportunity and make full use of and integrate resources of the College to pursue further development from a higher level, broader vision, and larger pattern, and to optimize the setting of departments and majors with prominent features and high quality."  

Wang Xiaojun proposed requirements for the work of the College in 2021. He highlighted four points: "First, we must keep up with the time, grasp the overall situation and shoulder the mission of building morality and cultivating people. Second, we must intensify learning, make progress through learning strengths from others and enhance management and service capabilities. We also need to carry out Party history learning and education, practice the instructions of the Central Committee on aesthetic education, implement the municipal government's "Ten People's Livelihood Projects", follow the domestic and international well-known art colleges as an example, and seek direction and opportunities for further development under the various environment and patterns. Third, we must focus on key points, strive for breakthroughs, and achieve synchronized development both in connotation and characteristics. We shall build a good experiment and teaching space, organize high-quality advanced training courses, large-scale academic conferences and cultural and artistic activities with the doctoral program application and academic master programs construction as the focus of discipline development, the first-class professional courses, teaching achievements and curriculum ideological and political construction as the channel, and the Universiade Village construction and Universiade preparation as the opportunity. Fourth, we must build an excellent team with cohesion and ensure the healthy development of the College. For the purpose of this, we must strengthen the political guidance, straighten out mechanisms and systems, give full play to the role of celebrities, vigorously introduce talents, and create a good environment for innovative work.

Secretary of the Party Committee Zhou Xiaoji reviewed the work of the College in 2020 from ten aspects: the discipline construction is productive, personnel introduced for College development is competitive, the scientific research has breakthroughs, personnel training has characteristics, academic activities are effective, cultural inheritance is carried forward, service to the Universiade is contributory, the role of literature and art in anti-epidemic is influential, Mt. Fonghuang Park Campus has bright spots, and the improvement of the governance system is fruitful." She also made arrangements for the College's work in 2021 from five aspects: "First, initiate the series of projects for doctoral programs building to consolidate the driving force for the development of the College; Second, put into practice important work and tasks, and advance the high-standard development of the College. Third, carry out significant cultural and artistic activities in a continuous way, and enhance the comprehensive influence of the College in all aspects. Fourth, start the use of the new campus, and speed up the College development to a higher stage. Fifth, step up the Party building, and thus drive the College development. In 2021, the College will still shoulder its mission and responsibility in the face of challenges and opportunities, pressure and motivation. We shall set up the philosophy of serving the teachers and students, the development of the College, and the prosperity of culture, hold the courage to overcome difficulties with concerted cohesion, carry out work with a pragmatic attitude and innovative spirit, to make everyone's contribution to the leapfrog development of the College.

Academic President Peng Jixiang preached the spirit of recent important documents of national aesthetic education and art education. He highlighted the role of art and culture in cultivating the socialist builders and successors with all-around ability in areas such as morals, intelligence, physical fitness, work and aesthetics. He also stressed that the College should regard aesthetic education as the key carrier of building morality and cultivating people, adhere to carry forward the socialist core values, intensify the education of excellent traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture, guide the students to build a correct view of the history, nation, country and culture, cultivate fine morality, mold noble minds, and strengthen the cultural confidence. Facing the newly issued national compulsory education curriculum standard, all Schools shall practically implement the new requirements on personnel cultivation and find new favorable circumstances for development.

Six leaders from the College introduced and deployed the key tasks of the College. Luo Lai, Vice President of the College and Executive Dean of School of Fine Arts and Design, made arrangements for the establishment of the doctoral program in Art Design. Guo Daorong, Dean of School of Film and Animation, introduced the application and construction of National Level First-Class Major in Animation. Dai Yuhong, Vice Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design, introduced and deployed the work of the Master of Arts assessment of the School. Wang Jueyin, Vice Dean of the School of Film and Animation, presented the ideological and political construction of the courses. Hu Yi, Secretary of the General Party Branch of School of Music and Dance, reported thought on the artistic practice of the School. Ran Yisong, Director of the International Department, reported issues on the enrollment and personnel cultivation of international students.

Huang Xianzheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of the College presided over the meeting. He stated that the 2021 work deployment meeting was the first meeting held after basically completing the organization of the leadership team at the College and School level, in which we summed up the past and planned for the future. All units, leaders at all levels, and all staff of the College shall vigorously advance the high-end, international, characteristic, and standardized development of the College under the guidance of the spirit conveyed in the meeting, in the Party history learning and education activities recently deployed by the Central Government and in the latest National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The College shall help to build the image of the Chengdu governance through its governance results, make it be worthy of the trust and expectations of the municipal party committee, municipal government and all sectors of society with its excellent performance in running the College.