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Two Courses of the School of Film and Animation are Identified as Provincial First-class Undergraduate Course
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According to the Publicity of the Identification Result about the Second Batch of Provincial Offline First-class Undergraduate Course, Online and Offline Mixed First-class Undergraduate Course, and First-class Undergraduate Course with Social Practice from the Education Department of Sichuan Province published by the official website of the Education Department of Sichuan Province in the past few days, the two courses named Introduction to New Media and TV Program Editing of the School of Film and Animation of our college are identified as the provincial offline first-class undergraduate course.

Liu Tong, the professor of radio and TV editing specialty, acts as the host and teachers including Wang Yuyin, Zhu Jingwen, Gou Qiangshi and Liu Xiaoping are all the members of the teaching team for the course of Introduction to New Media. The course is established on the basis of provincial demonstration course of "ideological and political course" and school-level first-class undergraduate course. Through exploring ideological and political resource from the course, college students can realize their growth and accomplishment under the leadership of core socialist values via a suitable carrier during the process of imparting knowledge, strengthen their scientific spirit and law consciousness by inserting hot topics on internet, and cultivate their Marxism news viewpoint and literary thought in Xi Jinping's new era by all-media project interaction, and such topics as professional morality and professional ethic in Internet era can be pointed directly at by discussing all kinds of phenomenal problems. In the course teaching plan design, the educational and teaching idea of "student centered" should be established, the talent training objective in four dimensions including knowledge, ability, moral education and ideological and political education, and innovative quality should be set up, internet thinking should be integrated to teaching goal, and typical ideological and political element in course content should be excavated, so as to realize seamless connection between moral education and teaching and also achieve continuous improvement in teaching practice.

The Course Teaching of Introduction to New Media is Being Performed by Professor Liu Tong

Wang Yuyin, Vice Dean of the School of Film and Animation, acts as the host and teachers including Deng Yao, Liu Tong, Li Maohua and Zhang Zhiwei are all the members of the teaching team for the course of TV Program Editing. The course is established on the basis of school-level demonstration course of "ideological and political course" and school-level first-class undergraduate course. By centering on the "high-level urban comprehensive university" orientation of running a school, taking professional building of "five-dimensional integration" as a guide, combing media transformation with learning condition of "the generation after 2000s" and "the generation grow up in in network era", and regarding traditional TV media "four-skilled" ability as basis while media convergence and teaching reform as an effective means, the school can realize its purpose of cultivating "video+" production talents who can meet the demand of radio, movie and TV media fields in new era. Through the teaching method of combination of theory and practice, students' strong basic skill of editing can be cultivated, from the "teaching - practice - commenting" model by combining teaching of such content as connection, stylization montage editing, editing and narration/emotion expression/reasoning of pictures and sounds with creation training of such kinds of video as micro film, documentary film and V-log on the basis of imparting editing software operation, and after formation of curriculum group with other production courses and establishment of "planning - photography - production" creativity completion chain, students can be guided to understand the impact of editing on "film and television ontology", deepen their knowledge of professional ethics, quality and skill, master their practical ability of performing video editing independently by utilizing montage and audio-visual approach, improve their art appreciation grade and the ability of discovering, thinking about and solving problems, and build their learning attitude and style of doing things of respecting teachers and valuing education, aiming for the highest and being down-to-earth.

The Course Presentation of TV Program Editing is Being Performed by Teacher Wang Yuyin

Expansion and establishment of first-class undergraduate course is one of the practical measures for the School of Film and Animation to implement the "Double Ten Thousand Plan" work as designated by the Ministry of Education and strengthen specialty inner construction. The School of Film and Animation, on the basis of getting approval of national level first-class undergraduate specialty construction site for animation, provincial first-class specialty construction site for radio and TV editing and provincial demonstration specialty of "ideological and political course" and demonstration teaching team for radio and TV editing, will further deeply promote course construction to lay a solid foundation and condense features for talent cultivation in such majors as drama and films and television.