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Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts International Department and "Overseas Chengdu" Agencies in ASEAN
2021/12/15  Hits:[]

Recently, the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts International Department of Chengdu University signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chengdu "Overseas Chengdu" agencies in ASEAN countries at the 7th Council of Chengdu Overseas Friendship Association.

At the first meeting of the 7th Council of Chengdu Overseas Friendship Association (COFA), nearly 500 representatives of the Council of COFA and special guests from 66 countries and regions witnessed the signing of the "Overseas Promotion Strategic Cooperation Agreement" between the International Department and the "Overseas Chengdu" agencies in ASEAN countries. The College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts International Department of Chengdu University became the first higher education institute in Sichuan to seek international cooperation in art fields with overseas agencies, and would work together with the agencies to focus on art education, cooperate on the exchange of art activities and international student recruitment, and explore the follow-up vertical and deep cooperation of "art + education + industry".

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the China-ASEAN dialogue relationship, and China and ASEAN have entered a period of comprehensive strategic partnership. As the first art college in the western region named after "ASEAN", the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts has made "internationalization" one of its founding features, with the ASEAN region as the primary targets for international cooperation and striving to develop the college into an ASEAN-oriented art and people-to-people exchange center in Sichuan and even in the western region. Relying on the city brand of Chengdu and preferential policies on internationalization of higher education, the College has enrolled more than 660 international students since its establishment four years ago, 75% of whom are from ASEAN countries, covering nine of the ten ASEAN countries. The strategic partnership with Chengdu "Overseas Chengdu" agencies in ASEAN countries will not only attract more young students from ASEAN countries to study and exchange in Chengdu, but also help enlarge the scope of the Agencies' services to Chengdu, promote Chengdu and strengthen the ties between Chengdu and ASEAN while expanding art and people-to-people exchanges between Chengdu and ASEAN.

It is reported that the "Overseas Chengdu" Agencies is an external liaison and working mechanism jointly established in the name of Chengdu Municipality and Chengdu Overseas Exchange Association with friendly overseas Chinese and their associations, enterprises and other institutions for the purpose of driving the economic and social development of Chengdu and expanding the opening up to the outside world with the support of their connections and resources in their countries of residence. Since 2015, 30 "Overseas Chengdu" Agencies have been set up in 29 countries around the world. Under the guidance and assistance of the Office of Foreign Affairs Commission of Chengdu Municipal Committee of the CPC, the United Front Work Department of Chengdu Municipality and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chengdu Municipal People's Government, the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts will work together with the "Overseas Chengdu" Agencies to promote cooperation between Chengdu and ASEAN countries in art and culture, expand exchanges and enhance friendship, and contribute to building a new pattern of foreign exchanges and cooperation in Chengdu.