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College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts Officially Held the 2021 Work Summary Conference
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On the morning of January 7, the 2021 Work Summary Conference of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts was grandly held in the Small Auditorium of the Comprehensive Building of the college. YU Junjian, Dean of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, and WANG Xiaojun, Executive Dean of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, were presented at the conference and delivered a speech, with the attendance of the leadership team of the college, leaders of Dearsun Property and representatives of teachers and students of the college.

At the conference, Dean YU Junjian presented honorary certificates and bonuses to 11 teachers who were awarded the 2021 Excellent Teachers of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts and gave corresponding awards to 6 college cadres on the spot.

Subsequently, YU Junjian extended cordial greetings to all the teachers, students and staff of the college. He said that in the 5th year of the establishment of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, the college not only completed the overall relocation but also achieved rapid development and remarkable achievements, with everyone making great efforts to win high attention and full recognition from all walks of life. At the present stage, the college was still showing a vigorous and optimistic development momentum, with opportunities and challenges coexisting. Therefore, he sincerely hoped that the college could serve the strategic friendly relations between China and ASEAN on the basis of adhering to the original intention of its establishment and undertaking the great trust of the Chengdu Party Committee and Chengdu government; that the college would strengthen cultural construction and improve artistic temperament as well as display Chinese excellent culture, with a view to building a beautiful campus where people and nature coexist harmoniously; that teachers would firmly adhere to the educational ideal and establish excellent teaching and learning style; that students could study hard in a steadfast manner and cherish the good time in college.

WANG Xiaojun pointed out the direction of the future work of the college. To put it concretely, first of all, the college should lead the construction of art disciplines with the construction of doctoral degree programs in design, thereby realizing the systematic layout and coordinated development of academic doctoral degree programs and professional doctoral degree programs. Secondly, the college should strengthen the cultivation of talents with first-class and brand specialty construction. Third, the college should strengthen the construction of high-level teachers with talent plans. Fourthly, the college should strengthen the internationalization strategy through international cooperation and exchange of arts, building the brand of "Studying in Chengdu" in accordance with the idea of the "Belt and Road Initiative and Education Plus Inclusiveness". Fifthly, the college should realize the function of serving the society and the city by virtue of inheriting and innovating the culture. Finally, the college should take the construction of the new campus as the starting point to provide solid support for high-level school-running work.

From the perspective of the implementation of the "seven first-class" key missions, ZHOU Xiaoji, Secretary of the Party Committee of CCAA, made a corresponding summary of the work of the college in 2021. Specifically, first of all, the college gave full play to the leading role of first-class Party building and successfully completed the construction, relocation and operation of the new campus. Secondly, the college effectively promoted the construction of first-class disciplines, with the conditions for the construction of doctoral degree programs becoming increasingly mature and the construction of master degree programs making a new breakthrough. Thirdly, the college built a first-class talent training system proactively applying for the construction of first-class majors and developing postgraduate education as well as achieving double improvement in scale and quality. Fourthly, the college built a first-class teaching staff with the introduction of high-level talents such as masters in the art field represented by ZHOU Xing and HUANG Zongxian, doctors and professors, and a large number of professors in the college had been successfully selected into various talent pools. Fifthly, the college progressively built up first-class scientific research innovation and social service capabilities through a series of initiatives, such as setting up the Traditional Technology Institute, striving for the provincial key Chinese culture research institute, creating a large-scale original music drama Red Plum Blossom and pursuing the excellent construction of Chengdu College Student Choir, etc. Sixth, the college formed a first-class international school-running level, with developing high-level international art exchanges and building the national ASEAN exchange platform as well as promoting the college to become a highland for exchanges with ASEAN. Finally, the college built a first-class campus culture. For instance, excellent large-scale plays were staged in Chengdu ASEAN Art Center in succession, while the campus presented an increasingly strong artistic atmosphere. Also, a large number of high-quality exhibitions undertaken by the Chengdu ASEAN Art Museum significantly improved the aesthetic level of teachers and students.

LUO Lai, Vice Dean of CCAA and Executive Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design, GUO Daorong, Vice Dean of CCAA and Executive Dean of the School of Film and Animation, HU Yi, Party Secretary of the School of Music and Dance, RAN Yisong, Director of the International Department, summarized the key work of various units in 2021 from diversified aspects including discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training, international exchange and cooperation, art inheritance and innovation, etc., planning the key work in 2022.

LUO Deli, Chairman of Dearsun Property, presented certificates and bonuses to student representatives who were awarded Dearsun Property Scholarship. He said that Dearsun Property would provide a solid logistics service guarantee for the realization of the objective of "high-end, internationalization and specialization" of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts with a rigorous and pragmatic style.

LIU Hegang, Distinguished Dean of the School of Music and Dance, attended the activity. In his speech, he expressed that he was extremely excited by the summaries made by other participants, and was also moved by the sincere dedication and endeavor of the Dean to the college. He said, "General Secretary Xi Jinping proposes in his important speech at the National Literature and Art Workers' Representative Conference that people are the symbol of life and art. I saw that the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, under the strong impetus of Chinese excellent traditional culture, showed a vigorous vitality like a hundred flowers blooming." In 2022, he sincerely hoped that all his colleagues in the School of Music and Dance could make concerted efforts to optimize the setting of departments and majors while grasping opportunities, thereby highlighting the characteristics of the school and creating competitive courses.

FU Donghai, the Award-winning Teacher Representative of the School of Film and Animation, delivered a speech focusing on "roles" and "stories" from his own professional perspective, in which he expressed his gratitude to all the leaders and colleagues of the college for their support and help, as well as the precious opportunities for young teachers offered by the vigorous development of the college. He said that as a member of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, everyone could create a "good story" related to the current development of the college only by playing their own "roles".

HUANG Xianzheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the college presided over the conference. He required the teachers and students of the college to do a good job in planning for 2022 on the basis of earnestly summarizing the work in 2021, and strictly implemented the school-running key work and requirements put forward by the leaders of the college in the spirit of remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping mission firmly in mind as well as in the spirit of seizing the day and living it to the fullest. Meanwhile, he also required all units to fully promote the high-end, international, characteristic and standardized development of the college in combination with the spirit of "conscientiously implementing the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the National Literature and Art Workers' Representative Conference".

After the conference, all the college cadres held a cadre meeting in Conference Room A3025 of the Comprehensive Building to make corresponding arrangements for the work in 2022.