Orientation Week | Dreams, begin from the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts
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Earlyfall is the season for welcoming the new students. 9th September, Monday, a school opening ceremony andorientation for year 2019 new students was held by International Department of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts (CCAA) at Multifunction Hall, Building D.

The vice president of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, Mr. Ou YuSong, gave his precious speech as the beginning of the ceremony. First, he welcomed all of the students for coming to our college.Speaking of the education system, he said that although the class teaching language will be in Chinese, the difficulty of the syllabus would followed the international teaching standard. Besides, he also told the new students to learn more about Chinese language and China’s traditional cultures, especially Chengdu’s. Of course, he hoped that the students could find their path, make themselves familiar with their life in this country or in this city, making it become their second home. Lastly, Mr. Ou hoped that every students could become the connection of East-West culture exchange in the future.

Our vice director of International Department of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, Ms Wan Qun introduced about the composition and framework, and also the set-up of schools and international department to the new students. Besides, she also showed them the blueprint of our new campus, everyone felt so excited for it.

Later on, senior from year 2018 gave their blesses for the new students, as they shared their experiences about the campus life, pinpointed the problems that might encounter and some advices on how to overcome it.

Next, followed by a short speech given by the new students’ representative, ISIKA SUKTALORDCHEEP, from Thailand. She said that she started learning Chinese language when she was 15, she had a deep interest about China traditional cultures too. She felt so happy to have a chance to meet everyone from different countries, and looking forward to her campus life in CCAA.

After the opening ceremony, teachers from the International Department of CCAA gave a clear information and explanation of every section to the new students. For example:“About the dormitory’s rules”, “Materials needed for Residence Permit application”, “How to apply for working permit?”, “WhatScholarship had include?”, “Procedure for asking leave”, “The set-up of CCAA International Student Union”, “What courses had include in Chinese Education?”and so on.

In the, it’s our pleasure to invite Ms. Ju Jing, from the Exit-Entry Administration of Long Quanyi area to give a talk about the policies of exit-entry procedures. Sheshowed them by playing some videos related to the policies, giving explanations on how to apply or renew their residence permit, and also updated us some new policies that had recently changed. After the session, we believed that the new students would have a certain understanding about the residential policies.

A new school year, a new batch of students, we work together, from here, from CCAA!!!