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School of Film, Television and Animation developed from Animation major of 2003 and Radio and Television Editor major of 2004. At present, it has two departments -- Department of Animation and Department of Film, Television; two state-level art practice education base -- Art Practice Education Base of XLY MoMA; Chengdu University - Huohou Interactive Technology and Educational Practice Base; three provincial and ministerial-level scientific research platforms -- "Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Sichuan Province (Anime Research Center in Sichuan Province)", "Animation Trip 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Sichuan Province", and "Teaching Demonstration Center of Digital Animation Experiment in Sichuan Province"; two municipal-level bases -- "Digital Animation Original Center of Chengdu City" and "Animation Talent Training Base of Chengdu City". School of Film, Television and Animation has the right to confer professional degrees of MFA to admit graduate students in the field of radio and television. At present, School of Film, Television and Animation sets three undergraduate majors, namely Animation, Radio and Television Director and Digital Media Technology. Animation is a national characteristic major rated as a five-star characteristic major in the evaluation report of China's universities and majors, ranking the ninth in the university majors in China. Radio and Television Editor is the pilot major of comprehensive reform in Sichuan Province.

College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts was established in November 2017. Huang Hong, Chen Kaige, Sun Lijun, Sha Xiaolan, Ouyang Hongsheng and other domestic famous film, television and animation experts and scholars have held the post of consultant, academic committee member and visiting professor in the College, which significantly enhanced the teaching and research strength and academic influence of College of Chinese &ASEAN Arts. As of 2020, there are 54 faculty and staff (including experimental teaching assistants), including 18 doctors (9 doctoral candidates) and 31 masters in the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts. The proportion of teachers with master's degree or above reaches 68.5%, and more than 6 teachers have overseas study background; there are 20 teachers with senior professional titles, accounting for 37%; and 9 teachers with overseas education and professional background. In addition, the College makes every effort to increase the proportion of "double-qualified" high-level teachers in the teaching staff, improving the level of practical teaching through the introduction and training. At present, there are 30 "double-qualified"| teachers in the College.

The college, based on the regional advantage of Chengdu, the national center city, and the Chengdu University, the comprehensive major advantage, creates innovative ideas, positions large pattern, high occupancy, internationalization, and highlights characteristics, performs high quality personnel training based upon the industry development, thus forging ahead continuously. The college has distinctive school-running characteristics and plentiful and substantial research achievements. Over the past three years, the teaching staff of the College have published more than 100 scientific research papers, among which there are more than 20 CSSCI journals, more than 20 core journals of Peking University, with many monographs, and a number of national social science fund projects approved by the state. In 2015, the animation team of the college designed the main filmReunionof the China Pavilion in Milan Expo in Italy. This film was of the best quality, with beautiful style and Chinese characteristics. This film had been played scrolling in the main hall of China Pavilion. The film and television team served as the main creator ofThe Red Flag Thrown into West Wind- the large TV documentary was also broadcasted on CCTV, which won a favorable reception once again. The College has presided over the formulation and compilation of five provincial standards ofTechnical Specifications for Animation Game Design of Sichuan Province, and drafted and prepared "System for Radio and Television Green Frequency Channels Production in Sichuan Province". From 2016 to 2019, the college organized the international conference of "The First Chinese Animatronics Annual Convention", which positively drove the systematic construction of China's animation theory. The Topics in Focus of CCTV made a special coverage for its distinctive feature in talent cultivation.

The College pays great attention to combining theory with practice,hasadvanced experimental facilities and equipment. The College is equipped with modern laboratory facilities and equipment, valuing more than CNY 9 million. It takes the lead in installing the optical flow motion capture and VR flow experience system in Sichuan Province. The College signed cooperative agreement on practical teaching with the units like Sichuan Museum, Sichuan Broadcasting and TV Station, Chengdu Digital Media Base, DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Lifang International Digital Technology Co. Ltd. successively.