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Opening of "The 2nd Yu Junjian Folk Vocal Music Advanced Training Course"
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At 10:00 am on March 13, the opening ceremony of "The 2nd Yu Junjian Folk Vocal Music Advanced Training Course" was held in College Of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, Mt. Fonghuang Park Campus, and attendants included President Yu Junjian and Executive Vice President Wang Xiaojun.  

The advanced training course this year is led by President Yu Junjian with nationally renowned artists and art educators such as Meng Ling, Dong Wenhua, Lyu Jihong, Wan Shanhong, Liu Hegang and Huang Huali as the teaching team, and Jiang Lina and Lyu Hongwei as the headteacher. Forty-four students and ten auditors from places including Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Henan, Jiangsu and Qinghai are enrolled, among which, those having the graduate degree account for 90%. Some of the students are singers, teachers and students from China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, the Art Troupe of the Air Force Political Department, colleges and universities, and art troupes across the country, as well as Chinese folk vocal music enthusiasts working in culture and art research institutions.

President Yu Junjian is delivering a speech

"Thanks for attending the advanced training course on folk vocal music held by College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts. We will start the journey on folk vocal music learning with many vocal artists in the following 12 days." Yu Junjian stated. He also addressed that: "College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts gives full display to its advantages of gathering the well-known artists and art educators at home and abroad. The advanced training course aims to positively respond to the call for building Chengdu a music city, to provide the driving force for the rapid growth of Chengdu music industry, to further enhance the social influence and professional level of folk vocal music, and to effectively cast the dominant brand of folk vocal music of College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts. The development of folk vocal music has a long way to go. I hope we can not only explore vocal skills, but also probe deeper into issues of art theory during the process of learning. "

Wang Xiaojun, Vice Principal of Chengdu University and Executive Vice President of the College, conferred flag for the advanced training course. Academic President Peng Jixiang awarded the College emblem to students.

Zhou Xiaoji is delivering a speech

Zhou Xiaoji, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, delivered a welcome speech. She extended congratulations for the successful holding of the advanced training course, expressed welcome to students from all over the country, and gave great thanks to President Yu for his selfless dedication to the public welfare of education. She also placed hopes on students devoting themselves to learning to enrich themselves for further development in Mt. Fonghuang Park, where people had been seeking truth and enlightenment since ancient times. She pointed out that, “We are standing at the historical interaction for achieving the Two Centenary Goals, and in the "golden age" for literary and artistic creation. In order to carry forward the spirit of the Chinese nation and enhance national self-confidence, students shall shoulder the responsibility of promoting the prosperous development of folk vocal music by creating more excellent literary and artistic works that keep pace with the time and that of the people."

Headteacher Lyu Hongwei is delivering a speech

Lyu Hongwei, the Distinguished Vice Dean of the School of Music and Dance and Headteacher of the advanced training course, delivered in the speech that, "After one year of learning, the professional competence of students from the 1st advanced training course on folk vocal music have been remarkably improved. In the vocal final of the 12th China Music "Golden Bell Awards" in 2019, four students achieve good results. I hope that students of the 2nd advanced training course will live up to your youth, grasp opportunities endowed by the time to pursue your dream. I also hope that each student can get improvement in artistic merit with the joint efforts of the tutors and the students."

Student representative Yang Xiyinzi is delivering a speech

Yang Xiyinzi, an actor from China National Opera&Dance Drama Theater, delivered a speech as a student representative. She said that, "I would like to express my gratitude to teacher Yu and College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts for providing the precious learning platform for us. We will start 12 days of learning in the beautiful city of Chengdu. Our pursuit of music never ends, and we will have the opportunity to usher on the shining stage only when we forge ahead with kindness, persistence, and humility. I believe students will cherish this valuable opportunity to follow the teachers as an example, persistently step forward with the original intentions unchanged, and strive to be a singer excellent in virtue and art."

Group photo

Hu Yi, Secretary of the General Party Branch of School of Music and Dance, presided over the ceremony. Huang Xianzheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of the College, the leadership team of School of Music and Dance, relevant persons in charge of the College office, all students of the advanced training course and representatives of teachers and students of the College attended the opening ceremony.