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Liu Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu University, Led a Team to College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts to Inspect the Work after School Begins
2021/08/27  Hits:[]

On the morning of August 27, Liu Qiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chengdu University, led a team to the new campus of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, to inspect preparations for the new semester. It has been Secretary Liu Qiang's first survey in the college since the three colleges and one department moved to the new campus. Accompanying were Su Bo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of the university, and Yang Yuhua and Wang Xiaojun, members of the Standing Party Committee and Vice Presidents.

Liu Qiang paid a detailed visit to the office and teaching buildings of the School of Music and Dance, the School of Film and Animation, the School of Fine Arts and Design, and the International Department, and inspected the administrative office, art studio, dance room, professional classrooms, professors' offices, conference rooms, etc. At the office and teaching areas having been wholly relocated and arranged, he recognized the work, and asked teachers about the preparations for the new semester from time to time. He required the college to prioritize the preparations for the new semester, to ensure the normal operation and teaching tasks of the new campus. Afterwards, the college should construct its culture, and create a strong atmosphere of culture and art, so as to cultivate and attract students with beautiful environment.

Next, Liu Qiang and his company came to the seventh canteen and Building 20 of students' dormitory, to check the meals and hygiene of students. After a survey on the arrangement of students returning to campus, he put forward requirements for the management of students' dormitory. He asked the faculty and students to protect the school environment and facilities as much as possible in teaching and life, to lay a foundation for next year's college sports village.

Huang Xianzheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, reported the inspection and acceptance of the new campus and the relocation of three colleges and one department, as well as the current operation and management of the new campus. He indicated that there were some problems with the relocation and operation of the new campus. The entire college should collaborate with the relevant functional departments and the constructor CDCI Kaiyuan Company as much as possible to resolve the problems and safeguard the work of the new semester. At the same time, the faculty and students of the college should manage and utilize the new campus well, and return practice and results to the care and expectation of the municipal Party committee and government for the school and college. The members of leadership of three colleges, one department and one office respectively accompanied the inspections, and showed Liu Qiang the relocation of office and teaching buildings and preparations for the new semester in the new campus.

The leaders of school office, organization department of Party committee, publicity department of Party committee, student work department of Party committee, and the security office accompanied the inspections.