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"Chengdu Flame", the Torch of Chengdu 2021 31st Summer Universiade, Designed by Xu Liaoyuan, Honorary Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design
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On August 31, "Chengdu Flame", the torch of Chengdu

2021 31st Summer Universiade, was exhibited in Jinsha Site Museum. Xu Liaoyuan, Honorary Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design, was invited to the release conference as the designer of its appearance.

"Chengdu Flame" originates from Rong, the short name of Chengdu, which has a meaning of "integration" in Chinese language. The whole design combines modern expressions and characteristic elements in Sichuan and Chongqing region. It demonstrates the new dynamics of Chinese civilization in Chengdu 2021 31st Summer Universiade, a celebration of youths. The torch uses scarlet, bright yellow, emerald green and turquoise blue as the four theme colors of university sports, which convey the concepts of environment protection, intelligence, vividness and shared benefits, and represent the enthusiastic, vivid, fashionable life in Chengdu and the colorful life of university students. The front side of the torch shows the panda, a super international identity and Sichuan's "living fossil", which represents vivid, optimistic and inclusive attitude to culture; the top of the torch shows the Solar Divine Bird, a symbol of Chengdu city image and Chinese cultural relics, which flies and pursues for dream and brightness in fires; the lateral face of the torch is a pattern of Sanxingdui Bronze Sculptures and Figures, paying a tribute to ancient Shu culture; The upper inlet in bamboo leaf shape not only provides an inlet of air but also integrates with the pattern of panda. The innovative process and design with rich Chinese cultural symbols grant the torch with elegance, fashion, and deep meanings.

"Our torch should represent both international standard and Sichuan and Chongqing regional features. Therefore, the pattern of Solar Divine Bird is designed in the inlet, expressing the pursuit for brightness, solidarity and hard work, harmony and inclusiveness of ancient Shu residents, and conveying the energetic and positive spirit of the Chinese people." Xu Liaoyuan indicated one the release ceremony, "Cultural elements such as pandas and bamboos are integrated in the design. The colors form a rainbow on the Land of Abundance, and symbolize the vividness and expectations of university students. The contents expressed as a whole through the torch of Chengdu 2021 31st Summer Universiade will bring Chengdu to the world."