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2023 Chengdu-Indonesia Culture Wee​k——film festival Opening Ceremony Held at College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts
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CHENGDU, March 14 — The 2023 Chengdu-Indonesia Culture Week——film festival opening ceremony was held at the Chengdu ASEAN Art Center of the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, Chengdu University. The event was hosted by the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office and the Indonesian Embassy in China, co-organized by Xihua University and the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts, and supported by the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia and the China-ASEAN Centre.

The Indonesian Ambassador to China, Zhou Haoli, Secretary-General of the China-ASEAN Centre, Shi Zhongjun, and Director of the Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Jiang Bin, attended the event and delivered speeches. The Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, Lu Kang, gave a video address. Envoys from ASEAN countries and leaders from Xihua University and Chengdu University also joined the festivities.


The Opening ceremony featured an exquisite dance performance of the Chinese version of the Indonesian folk song ' Sing Sing So,' combined with a display of the culturally rich Batik national costumes, treating the audience to an audio-visual feast.


Following the Opening, guests and audience members attended the premiere of the Indonesian film 'Trinity, the Traveler' at the Chengdu ASEAN Art Center Grand Theatre. Indonesian films are known for their simplicity and sincerity, capturing the essence of the natural landscape and the traces of time in deeply emotional visuals that permeate life, art, daily routines, fantasies, and reality.

Before the opening ceremony, Zhou Haoli, Shi Zhongjun, and envoys from ASEAN countries, accompanied by Liu Qiang, the Party Secretary of Chengdu University, visited and learned about the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts. They highly praised the international development of the college, particularly its efforts in promoting arts and humanities exchanges with ASEAN members. During their visit to the Traditional Crafts Research Institute, the guests frequently took out their phones to capture memories.

"Nations' ties are rooted in peoples' affection for each other, and such affection is fostered by heartfelt communication." Chengdu and Indonesia will take the " The 2023 Chengdu-Indonesia Culture Week——film festival " as an opportunity to further deepen their cultural exchanges and cooperation within the humanities field. Building on existing foundations, the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts will continue to leverage its artistic and cultural strengths to inherit and promote the traditional friendship between China and Indonesia, contributing bricks and mortar to the mutual understanding and affinity between the two peoples. Furthermore, the college's efforts will strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership and the shared destiny between China and Indonesia.